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katelyn + tavis. point reyes wedding photography. california

the wedding of katelyn and tavis will stay close to my heart for a long, long time.  there is just something about a small, intimate wedding that i absolutely love to document.  maybe it was the amount of time that i was able to spend alone with katelyn and tavis, or the beautiful scenery, or the great weather, or maybe it was the bagpipes, whatever it was, the wedding was perfect.  by the end of the night, i didn’t feel like just the photographer, i felt like a friend…

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john + steve. santa barbara wedding photography. california

i feel all the feelings for john and steve’s marijuana themed santa barbara courthouse wedding.  not only were their boutonnieres adorned with marijuana from the families’ farm, so were the dog boutonnieres, as well as the gorgeous funfetti wedding cake.  this was truly a celebration of their love and union…

two men holding hands in large open space
photograph of Santa Barbara Courthouse on a sunny day
image of gold wedding rings on rose quartz. engraved with word we
gold wedding rings on small note that says J+S 4/20
groom getting his makeup done
black and white photo of groom and makeup artist
groom with reflection of groom in glass door
groom with long dark hair getting makeup done
groom playing with other groom
image of two suits and two pairs of sneakers
one pair of black sneakers that say "Blind for Love" other white pair of Converse
Groom with beard putting on sneakers
Groom with beard smiling and tying his tie.
woman and Groom taking picture together in mirror
Groom with long hair putting on tie and sneakers.
Groom with beard helping groom with long hair put on a tie.
Both grooms looking in mirror with sunglasses on.
Grooms holding hands and walking down the street with friends.
Grooms holding hands under archway.
Grooms holding hands and looking at each other at Santa Barbara Courthouse.
Grooms holding hands and laughing.
Close up of holding ands and groom with head on other groom
Tryptic of long-haired groom modeling outside.
Tryptic of bearded groom modeling outside.
Grooms holding hands outside in front of building.
grooms looking deep into each others eyes.
Interior of Santa Barbara Courtroom
Grooms walking down the aisle.
Grooms holding hands in front of officiant in courtroom
wedding ceremony in Santa Barbara courtroom.
Images of each groom smiling during wedding ceremony
black and white photo of audience at wedding ceremony
two images of dogs laying on courthouse floor and the first kiss as married couple
grooms holding hands in middle of circle of rose quartz
smiling grooms with dogs after wedding ceremony
grooms in santa barbara watch tower looking at camera
groom and head resting on shoulder of other groom
interior images of Santa Barra Courthouse with newlyweds
colorful image of newlyweds relaxing
grooms looking at each other and the camera
black and white image of grooms sitting on bench


ceremony venue: santa barbara courthouse / reception: conway family wines deep sea tasting room
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ashley + adam. los angeles engagement photography. california.

photographing friends of mine are one of the perks of being a photographer (at least it is for me).  ashley and adam’s engagement session started at mono records in los angeles, which was a great place to shoot, plus i brought home bauhaus, stevie nicks, and tom waits records.  mono records was surrounded by some amazing street art and graffiti murals, then we were off to griffith park, which is always a must for la engagement photos…

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jane + andrew. joshua tree engagement photography. california.

jane and andrew’s engagement session in joshua tree was super nostalgic for me.  i spent a lot of time camping and rock climbing there many years ago, so being back was wonderful.  andrew is a fan of u2, so of course we started at the harmony motel where u2 stayed when working on the joshua tree album.  photographing in the middle of the desert, with just the sound of the wind, was simply magical…

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